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Monday 29 June 2015

Streets in Brighton

30th June 2015

Streets in Brighton are very crowded and I think because it was Saturday so people did not work I love observing busy streets and people who are in hurry, eating or just doing shopping.

Street offers you a lot of options .... 

And waht is your opinion Do you prefer busy city or quiet village? Personally I prefer city but I have never liced in a village so I don't know that lifestyle.


  1. Nice journey of the streets with people. People are interesting to watch.
    I like city and also small villages, people are much more friendly in the latter.

  2. Yes, the streets look busy. When I was younger I enjoyed living near the city to enjoy all the shops and restaurants. Now, I like living in the quiet of a small town.

    1. Mildred definitely big citires are for young people older prefer small quiet area in Europe is the same

  3. Great place to be, nice photos!

  4. I like the action in the city!

  5. It sure is a busy, lively place. Looks nice and warm too. I prefer a quiet suburb but close to a city.