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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Economic European Congress in Katowice

13th May 2016

Every year we host European Economic Congress in Katowice. This year it starts 18th May to 201th May 2016.

The city centre of Katowice

Katowice Saucer the most famous building here which is well-known around the Europe and not only.

The Altus Hotel the Economic European Congress takes place here.


  1. A useless International forum of "talk-a-alcoholics and food munchers". I wonder how much these piranhas of talkfests cost their respective governments per hour for this Katowice, holiday??????????????

    I do hope the weather is suitable for the delegates to go sightseeing and sampling Polish food and drink at outside the conference room settings. That will be the only attribute worthy for the citizens of Katowice will see for the inconvenience of having these "Sprouting Peacocks" causing traffic chaos in motorcades.

    I can assure you NOTHING will be achieved of note in this
    Talkfest of bureaucrats and their hanger-oners.
    Unfortunately ever "lesser lights" now in OFFICE government departments have cottoned onto these "must have a meeting" adventures of nothingness!
    No wonder nothing is ever achieved of note.
    Thank God the street cleaners and rail track gangs etc have
    not started this - "lets have a talkfest rubbish".
    Ah yes, Gosia, these talkfests are like waving a RED flag at me - I DO become a fitting "TORO" for the Plazas of sunny Spain and I would be one bull that the matadors would not kill.

  2. Image all the plotting and dealing that happens beforehand.

  3. Money! Be interesting to see what comes out of it this time.

    1. Money is the most important matter theses dfays around the world

  4. Hope they spend a lot while visiting.

    1. Diane I think a lot of trips is included

  5. Very impressive and tall building. Hope something good will come out of the meeting.

    1. The Altus Hotel is very modern and the tallest building in Katowice