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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Valley of Death in Slovakia

21st 2016

The valley of Death we visited it two years ago . This interesting place is located in Slovakia. 

The Valley of Death is located in the Dukla Pass just outside the village of Svidnik in the north eastern corner of Slovakia. In this valley several tanks and other remains from one of the great tank battles of World War II (the Battle of the Dukla Pass) can still be seen. Some of the tanks are left almost where they stopped during the battle, while other have been turned into monuments. Most of the tanks are Russian model T-34

We are siting next to the Soviet tanks from WWII.


  1. The last is a very nice photo of mother and daughter.

  2. I agree with the last comment.... lovely photo of mother & daughter.
    Maggie x

  3. Hello!:) A nice photo! Enjoy your Sunday!:)

  4. Nice photos.
    Good to see you both.

    1. Margaret thannk you very much for nice comment