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Saturday 28 May 2016

Linden - symbol of Catherine

29th May 2016

I love lindens.  Why ? This tree  always reminds me about my grandma Catherine. She was French born woman in 1906 later we came back to Poland with their parents American born.  My great grandparents and grandparents were  not Polish. They were too poor to live in Poland so they tried to earn money in different lands.

My granny Kate was a strong woman who survived WWI and WWII and later communism and she was lucky enough because she died in 1997 when Poland was completely independent.

When I was born she was 68 so too old to take care of me, but we got on very well. She lived on the small farm had some chickens and a big black and white cow. She planted a lot of veggies and had the most delicious apples trees in the world. She was a very stubborn woman, mother of five children( my mother was the youngest) and her husband was American born citizen, Thety travelled to different countries and had a lot of problems with communist goverment in Poland because hey were only permanent residents here not citizens.

I loved visiting my grandma at that time we were sitting under the tall linden and grandma toold me about my roots. The linden was planted by my grandfather when his youngest child was born. The linden is now 70 years old like my father.

My grandma collected flowers from linden and made the best tea. She added also some lemon and sugar. During the sunny days the linden gave us he shadow when we talked about roots.

In July we gathered flowers for tea. This tea helped me to fight cold and flu.

 Now I buy linden tea in the herbal shop.
I inherited my grandma's garden and linden.It is  far from my house. Next weekend I am going to visit my linden, So I am going to take some photos of it.

My daughter Catherine inherited name after her great grandmother. And what is interesting and fascinating she was born on the same day 12th March as her great grandmother but 99 years later. And her character is very similar to Catherine. 

All photos of linden I took at my place in Bytom.


  1. I've never heard of Linden tea. I'm glad that works so well for you.

  2. Hello, nice memories you share, and Linden tea is also new to me. It does look like a lovely wide leaved tree to sit under, and chat in it's shade.:)

    1. My dear friend if the linden it gives a great shadow

  3. What an interesting and lovely post, Gosia. Nice to learn more about your family. I look forward to photos from your visit.

  4. I have a daughter named Catherine, also. She is named for her paternal grandmother and she is expecting her first child who will be named Lila Grace. It is nice to be able to visit your grandmother's garden still and that Linden tree.

  5. Interesting sharing about your grandma and of the Linden tree. Your grandma was a great gardener and you have such sweet memories of her.

    1. My grandma was very strong woman who lived in terrible times