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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fences in the zoo

30th June 2016

We have a great and sunny summer. The temperature is very high 30C degrees in the shadow. I am dreaming about next week when I am leaving Poland and going to Italy. Today I upload more photos from zoo in Wroclaw.

When I was a small girl my friends call me "giraffe" because I was very tall at that time. Now I am  only 170cm tall.

Fences protect animals and us from them..


  1. Hello, great series from the zoo. I love the giraffes. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. very nice animal shots. stay cool if you can.

  3. Hello!:) Gorgeous Zoo animal shots. We are having the same temperaturas as you but it's nice in the shade. Enjoy your holiday to Italy, and have a safe journey.:)

    1. Thanks and I am going to take a lot of photos

  4. i always enjoy visiting zoo loved your pics ,haha in my school days my close friends called me Motto which means Fat in English and it never affected my eating habits until i left school and then before my marriage i realized that i have to loose some wait though

  5. Have not been to the zoo in a long time. Enjoyed a short trip with you tho.

  6. Great shots from the zoo. I love zoo's because you get to see animals that you probably never would otherwise. Yes fences help to protect us from the wild animals, wouldn't want to mess with those Rhino's.

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