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Sunday 9 October 2016

Foggy Sunday

9th October 2016

Sunday was not nice today, The weather is really cold and foggy. It was unpleasant walking my dog in the morning but the positive point was Sunday with my family. Yesterday we switched on central heating in our apartment it is too early. And I am waiting for the next weekend when we are going to collect nuts in my summer ( temporary ) house and possibility to escape for a while from big city. I hope the weather is going to be more friendly in the countryside. 

In the morning at 7.30 a.m.

In the afternoon at 3 p.m. 


  1. Very, very foggy.
    I hope next weekend the weather is kinder.

  2. Fog is not good for driving but there are times I love a foggy morning. Your photos are super. I hope by next weekend the weather is good for traveling.

  3. If there is no need to go out far, then foggy morning is nice. Hope the weather will be better by next weekend. The afternoon photos are better with better visibility.

  4. Fog can be hindering but the lovely fall trees are lovely to see!

  5. It is sunny but cool here - may have to turn on the heat tomorrow!