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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Small chapel near my apartment

23rd October 2016

This small chapel was built in 1859-18632 by two farmers as thanks for God who survived their families from cholera. At that times thee were fields and farms here. Now it is a big city. 

In October there is a mass and rosary every day.

The chapel was witness of WWI and WWII and belonged to Germany and now Poland because the borders were changed..

I have not been inside  the chapel but I am going to take some photos shortly

Have a sunny week..


  1. It is a very pretty chapel and I like the fence around it too. Looks like a crisp, Autumn day there. Have a nice week.

  2. Like the brown tree.


  3. Wonderful little chapel, look forward to the photo's from inside

  4. How interesting that the chapel remained while the city around it grew.
    Love those trees.

  5. I've always found chapels to be comforting places. I look forward to seeing inside with your photos.

  6. nice. i enjoy the shots that are almost dark. very mysterious looking. like you are wondering that is around or happening next? i love it! happy week to you! ( :

  7. What a pretty little chapel. And the reason for its being is enchanting.