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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Village is a nice place and so different from my city

19th October 2016
It is my cousin farm who I visited last Saturday. The weather was nice and autumn landscape charming.

I love the country road..

While I was walking there I imagine myself when I was 5 or 6 and visited my grandparents..As I know I was naughty and too lively girl.. My grandparents was too slow to take care of me..

 It is so spacious..

Have a great Wednesday


  1. What a nice area in autumn. Sleep well and have a great Wednesday tomorrow!

  2. It is beautiful countryside. Really beautiful.

  3. A great sense of space and freedom!

  4. Glad you have such great memories. I hope you weren't too naughty as a girl! :D It must have been fun to have so much room to run and play!

  5. Wonderful photos of this beautiful area. Great memories from childhood. I was also a lively little girl :)