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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Saucer in Katowice is 45 years old.

24th October 2016

Katowice is my province city and I live 15 km from Katowice. Saucer is a symbol of this city. They started to build it 47 years ago at that time communism was in Poland. Saucer was a very modern building. 

Below historical photos. ( wiki)

Saucer was restored and looks very modern..

 Saucer” Show and Sports Arena is one of many facilities throughout Katowice, administered by the Municipal Center for  Sports and Recreation.
Launched in 1971, the arena saw a great number of world famous artists and sportsmen. Held here are international events: fairs, concerts, sport challenges as well as regularly held ones: Rawa Blues Festival, Mayday Poland, World Volleyball League, International Fair of Mining and many more.
Combined into a harmonious whole of unique shapes, the facilities of “Spodek”  take the area of 7 ha. A show and sports arena, a skating rink, a gym hall a hotel and restaurant all contribute to the diverse nature of  the place.  


  1. It does indeed look very modern. And nicer than many modern buildings.

  2. Very modern indeed! Really looks like a saucer!

  3. This is fascinating. I've never heard of it before. Looks like great fun and a great venue for so many things.

    1. yes it is very popular place for many events