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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sleeping lion the symbol of my city

8th October 2016

It is a market square in my city whee there is a monument of sleeping lion. 

The sculpture of the Lion that you can find in the Main Square of Bytom representing the victims whose died in Prussian-French war in 1870-1871. Bytom belonged to the territory of Germany during the war. This Lion was created in 1873. After II world war, monument was destroyed and it appeared in Warsaw.
In 2006 the statue was found  in Warsaw zoo and  in 2008 Lion has returned to Bytom. Now it stands in the centre of Main Market Square.


  1. A very special lion and monument!

  2. Good that the lion could come home.

  3. It has done some traveling! I like it a lot, Gosia.

  4. Interesting to hear the history of the lion. Thanks for sharing, Gosia!

  5. That's one well-traveled lion. No wonder it's asleep.

  6. It is a wonderful sculpture and the photo is beautifully composed. I am happy to hear the lovely sleeping lion is back home.