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Friday, 10 July 2015

Cracow- dumplings are fantastic here...!!

11th Saturday 2015

I love eating out in Cracow and my favourite meal here are dumplings. There is a small restaurant near Main Market Square which offers wide choice of them. You can eat there dumplings filled with meat, mushrooms, fruit ( strawberries, apples and so on), cheese, potatoes... The service is very friendly and the atmosphere fantastic but one drawback is always very crowded with clients so you must wait for your seat. I can say the portion of your favourite dumplings is not expensive ( 10 dumplings - 4 US dollars) . And I can't make dumplings at home but they taste like homemade my grandma made them at home but not me . What a pity - but times have changed...

Lovely place ... 


  1. i think i'd like them very much!

  2. I love dumplings too. Beautiful decorations.

  3. Looks like a very nice place to eat. I like the decor. Polish dumplings look different from American dumplings, but I'm pretty sure I've eaten an Asian dish that looks very similar to the Polish ones--perhaps it's more or less the same. $4 for a meal is awesome!

    1. Bethany if you have eaten Asian dumplings so definitely they look the same because yesterday I ate some Asin dumplings...The price is fair..

  4. That's a very intriguing place, for sure. I don't really have a taste for dumplings, as I didn't grow up with them. Noodles would be the closest thing to them.

  5. A very nice place and I would love the dumplings. xoxo