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Monday 20 July 2015

Silesian Musuem in Katowice

21st July 2015

Next photos showing aspects of life people who lived in Upper Silesia.  Upper Silesia since 1945 belongs to Poland earlier had belonged to Germany. So traditions and customs are very similar to German..

Typical equipment of room in 1950 or 1960s.

The first washing maching it was produced in Poland.

Maly Fiat 125- icon car of communism..

 I was travelling it with my parents around Europe.. It was fun ... 4 people ,and luggage.. Luckily we survived..

Lovely but I prefer my LG

 My neighbour at my summer place drive this car cutrrently so one day I am going to take a photo..

Have a nice day!!! 


  1. Nice to look back on the things that were...

    1. Margaret now we live ina real paradise looking at the technology devices

  2. Wow, so fifties. Love the photos.

  3. The tile stove and the car are interesting. It looks like the vacationers packed a lot of luggage in there!

    1. Cynthia can you imagine travelling in a small car for long distances.. but it was the only car accessible at that time..

  4. Looks like an interesting museum. I enjoyed the photos!