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Wednesday 22 July 2015

Touching the roots of my ancestors...the oldest house in my family...

22nd July 2015
Summer vacation is the only time in my busy life when I can come back for a while to the land of my ancestors.. having summer house nearby it is possible. I have a lot of goals in my life but one of them is to gather as much as possible materials connected with my ancestors from my paternal side firstly..Genealogy is my cup of tea. I believe one day I will publish a book about my family who suffered from serious problems in the US and Poland..

So it is a land of my father's ancestors since 17century.. to 20th..

Landscape is lovely..

Here my grandfather George spent almost his hard and unhappy life..

George my grandfather American born who spent seven years there.. had to come back to Poland..

His father lost his young life in US..

 So he had to work so hard on the little farm with her widowed mum and brother..

 Nobody didn't help them.. 

They were beggars .. but my great grandfather worked for prosperity of US but my grandfather was so poor he couldn't go to school... and so...So his education finished in America.. But he was American citizen... and suffered a lot from Communists in Poland.. So he paid so high price for his loyalty..... But just another and so interesting story.

This hut was built by my great grandmother Katatrzyna - mother's of my grandfather George.. George lived here with his mum and brother..

My great grandmother died in 1956.. to the end of her life working on the farm to survive..
A lot of those trees were planted by her..

Now the 6th generation of my grandfather's brother live here..

 So in Polish conditions are very poor.. Their hut is  situated in the fields... 

The house was built about 1911 or earlier..
I am going to write more shortly.. about my family..

 The trees the only witnesses of the the history..

 My dear great grandmother Kate - your life is done so sun is gone...

Be continue..


  1. Lovely and really interesting post about your family. I look forward to hearing more.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful post on your ancestors. This is a beautiful place, flat and vast land. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Yes it is beautiful land but the unemployment is very high here

  3. Good to read about your ancestors.
    The farm is really lovely and pretty. Good it's still in the family after all this time.l

  4. That was such an interesting and sad post about your family's struggles. The farm is very pretty and must hold many memories for you.

    1. Yes I think It would be fantastic to live in that time

  5. The photos are beautiful...a place of family roots! Such a struggle in their new home, so hard on those in Poland too...I hope you will write a book one day about them! Keep going on that research!

  6. Gosia, thanks so much for joining in with your family pictures and story. You should definitely write a book to pass along the history of the family in the US and Poland.