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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Friendly environment

30th July 2015

My daily life is based on big conurbation so having possibility to spend my time off in the countryside far from hectic and busy life style. As I am getting older and older I love admiring nature...

 The statue of Virgin Mary nested in the fields was built 200 years ago by farmers .. She protects their crops.....

 I am waiting for harvesting time..

The sky is lovely... 

On Monday we start holidays at the Baltic Sea so above 700km to drive..


  1. Hi Gosia, it is also true for me. I am more drawn to nature as I grow older. Lovely sky and open fields of crops. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. That's interesting regarding the farmers with the statue of the Virgin Mary. Farmers don't do that here that I know of..
    Have a lovely time away... 700 km about 8 hours driving!

  3. So much beauty to enjoy. The clouds are so pretty. xoxo