Saturday, 5 September 2015

Monument of the good ghost on the main street..

6th September 2015

Once upon the time mother and daughter were coming back from the wedding reception and they lost their way. Suddenly they noticed the tall man with a lamp so they followed him. They reached their permanent residence and they wanted to thank the man but he had disappeared. It was the good ghost according to the well-known legend connected with Bytom.

The monument of the good ghost was erected on the main street in 2004. Looks lovely..


  1. The " good Ghost" of Bytom, Gosia, you may keep - ha ha.

    We have enough "ghosts" here in Australia - they are called "politicans".
    You only see them when they want your vote!
    Thankfully we here - have to vote - but that doesn't mean that you do vote.
    All you need to do is get your voting slip, your name ticked off and then you can write anything you want on it and stuff it in the box.
    Saves being fined!
    For the last 2 elections - Federal and State - I just in big bold letters put:
    "Bloody Idiots" with a big grin on my face.
    But I scribble all over the "Green Party" lunatics rude words - clueless wonders with no agenda whatsoever. I think they are under the impression that food grows on
    Supermarket Shelves!!!
    Come to think of it - maybe I could put to use the Bytom "good Ghost".
    PS: Thanks for the reply to previous comment. Appreciated for the detail.

    1. Oh I forgot. The van in the cobbled Mall.
      I presume a "delivery van" for goods?
      They are permitted here at early hours before opening
      for deliveries if there is no other way.

    2. Colin, There are countries where people aren't even allowed to vote. You should be thankful for that right and not spit on it! I suggest you move to Syria to experience the difference!

    3. Btw, blogs are meant to bring people together ... not to ventilate politic or moral opinions.

    4. My most humble apologies - I was just letting Gosia know what privileges we have here re: Voting rights. You must vote, but at the same time you can informally vote.
      No I do not wish to go to Syria, thank you.

    5. colin yoiu only express your opinion. don't worry it is ok. love from Poland

  2. Hi Gosia, thank you for sharing about this interesting legend of the Good Ghost of Bytom.

  3. The statue looks good. Nice ghost story...

  4. We could all use a good ghost!

  5. The legend of a good and helpful ghost is a happy one. Lucky for Bytom as I think mostly their purpose is to scare people away!