Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Opera House in Bytom

30th September 2015

Bytom is famous for its opera house. Opera house started here in 1945 when Bytom came back to Poland. The building was designed by German architect Alekxander Bohm. The opera house was built in 1899-1901.  Firstly there was a city theatre there. The opera  house was renovated lately and looks nice. The building is located to very busy tram stops near city centre.

Our Silesian Opera

In front the statue of Frederic Chopin- famous Polish composer and pianist..

The photos were taken at 1 p.m. - today..

And then a short drive to my home e=which has taken me 12 minutes..


  1. It is a grand looking opera house and I would like a ride in the tram!

  2. Looks like a neat place--would be awesome to watch an opera there. I've never seen any operas in person, just on Youtube, but some people can really sing!

  3. Enthralling would be the adjective I would use if I was to visit that opera house.
    Some operas are a bit too heavy for me, but the lighter ones which really are
    operettas I love to see.
    I am rather surprised that Bytom hasn't had an opera house well before 1900.
    When this part of Poland was under German hands I would have thought an opera
    house would certainly have existed.
    Ah the music of "Freddie Chopin" - just magic to one's ears.
    The stuff of today - Justin Beiber etc sounds like " A Dog's Breakfast" being
    vomited up!
    Those trams look so wonderfully clean - I wish Brisbane transport would visit Bytom
    and get a lesson on cleanliness!!! That would be a "pipe dream" of untold magnitude.

    1. Colin I had to check what about opera in German times at the weekend...Out trams are rather clean but during winter are much more dirty

  4. It's a beautiful building but it needs a better setting. Thinking about the opera houses in Vienna and Budapest, they don't have good settings either.

    1. Andrew, definitely the location is not comfortable..

  5. Looks a great building and I'm wondering what it's like inside...i will Google to see if i can find a photo..
    I had my voice trained for opera for many years from the age of 15...lightly for a few years until my voice matured then more riggerously.

    1. Margaret I am going to take some photos inside shortly.

  6. Such a wonderful building and a great piece of history. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is such a lovely opera house. And I love the vibrant red of the trams - they are sure easy to see!