Saturday, 14 November 2015

It is Christmas - isn't it.

14th November 2015

I was in my Katowice in the afternoon and I took a photo of the huge Christmas tree in front of the railway station.

Loooks charming..

When I was a small child I remember as we decorated our Christmas tree one or two days before Christmas. But currently we live in the commercial world so we decorate it much earlier.


  1. Still one month to go but ok, commercialy it is already Christmas.


  2. Oh wow! A Christmas tree up already?! Here in the U.S. everyone is supposed to wait until Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, for Christmas decorating and shopping; but unfortunately, not everyone adheres to that "rule." We often hear Christmas music playing in stores much earlier, and end up listening to Christmas songs till we just about can't take in anymore. Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell rock, jingle bell chime, in jingle bell time ohh no! My brain is not quite ready for having Christmas songs playing in it for the next 2 months!

    1. Bethany It is world of 21st century the business is the most important

  3. A bit too early. I wish they would wait until December at least.

    1. Andrew now they always decorate in November...

  4. Replies
    1. Cynthia, you are right but the city looks multicoloured and people love it

  5. The commercialism of Christmas is "over the top".
    With the shocking and unbelievable slaughter in Paris 24 hours ago,
    should make us think - Christmas is a time of joy but now what joy for
    so far the people of France - who will be next? Vigilance is the order of the
    day unfortunately now. I am sure I am about the only one on a rail station
    which is underground who watches everything - yet people are engrossed
    in their "phones".
    I honestly feel that Europe has got a crisis of proportions unheard of since
    the end of WW2. It is so tragic - we should stand in solidarity with the people
    of France and say - "JE SUIS FRANCAIS".
    Who / where will be next?

    1. Colin you are right the situation in Euriope is very serious and I am afraid that it is going to be more dangerous here . And of course each country in europe can be attacked ...
      What about mistletoe of course I can' send it there is a list of items which you can send from EU to Australia and a lot of products are forbodden

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  7. As early as September, Christmas vibe is already felt in my part of the world. Rather early. But Christmas is happiness and sadly though commercialism too. Happy Monday!