Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Katowice in the sunny day in November

4th November 2015

November is very friendly here.Temperature is about 15 C during the day and sunny. I was in Katowice about 1p.m. so most people were working or studying at school. So the city wasn't crowded so much.

Market Square

Trams run very often so public transport is well-organised.

I love red trams
Silesian Theatre

The street near the city centre. 

Renovated house from 19th century. Now looks fantastic..

The Rawa River..


  1. Some great photos from your part of the world.

  2. You have taken us all on a nice walking tour but via the computer. I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  3. At I.00 pm in Katowice Square on a fine sunny day and it is almost empty
    as most of the other streets as shown are. With an urban population of over
    2.7 million and the whole metroplis region being over 5.2 million,
    this to see is incredible.
    Where are the tourists????
    People who have come into the city from the countryside????
    Even the locals - everyone can't be at work??
    Brisbane CBD at this time of day - a smaller in population city than
    Katowice has people walking around all the time. Tourists, Backpackers,
    country people and the locals.
    Colin ( Brisbane. Australia)

    1. Colin
      Firstly in the city centre there are only banks , offices and restaurants. So a lot of people are in the shopping malls which are situated far from centre. Secondly autumn where temperature are low and days short is not season for tourists. Krakow is crowded aklways but not Upper Silesia

  4. We are having the same kind of nice weather here. The streets are very quiet there!

  5. We have had nice weather for a few days to dry things out a bit from the rain, now we have rain back in the forecast. Thanks for the tour of Katowice.

  6. Great collection of buildings.

  7. Replies
    1. Yes the market square was renovated last year

  8. Lovely buildings but very surprised to see no people..

    1. Margaret Katowice is not popular in the autumn