Thursday, 19 November 2015

The stone wall next to Rawa River in Katowice

19th November 2015

It was a rainy day in Katowice.. And the Rawa River didn't look so clean.....

Round the river is the stone wall which looks old. But unfortunately I don't know how old is it?

Have a nice Friday!


  1. Gosia
    Surely that "drain" is not a river? Would it be some form of tributary
    that runs off the Rawa and though then the city of Katowice?
    Maybe thousands of years ago a river which became named the Rawa
    by ancient tribes did flow along this route through what is now the modern
    city of Katowice??

  2. I am sure the water is not something you would want to get into. Good thing they have it fenced in.

  3. Looks like it's probably been there awhile. It's a nice stone wall. I like the pop of red on the building in the background.

  4. Very nice wall. Some of those buildings look pretty close to the water though...around here I'm sure there would be flooding some years.