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Thursday, 12 June 2014

British Museum

12th 2014

On the second day we have visited the British Museum one of my favourite and most interesting place I have ever seen in the world. Believe me. It's a paradise for me.Despite the fact British stole stuff from over the world but luckily all things have survived and now we can admire the

British Museum 8th June Sunday 2014

The main hall in British Museum

ancient world under one roof. And the most fact admission to museum is free because it's a heritage of mankind,

The British Museum is museum in London dedicated to human history and culture. Its permanent collection, numbering some 8 million works, is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence and originates from all continents, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present.

British Museum is huge so I had to chose what I want to see my decision was Ancient Egypt because I am interested in Egyptian medicine ( especially mummies).

Egyptian coffn

The mummy

It was made 4000 years BC.

Skulls from 8th century BC.
I love mosaics very much so put some of them . All they came from Ancient Greece. They were made in 5th century BC.

I will be in London in the autumn this and next year too , so I definitely come back here to see more. 
It is amazing place and worth visiting.


  1. I've been there and still remember the awe we felt when we saw the Rosetta Stone. I'm so glad you got to visit that incredible museum

  2. I love museums. In all my visits to London, I've never gone to the British Museum. So much to see.

    1. Mitchell, so the next visit should include British Museum.

  3. So incredible! Glad that you will return later this year.

  4. One thing about the British stealing things from all over the world, they have at least been preserved well.

    The weather looked nice.

    1. Andrew, yes you are right British preserved stuff very well.

  5. I was going to say that, too, Andrew. And also that they are generous in making them available for all to see free. This museum is just incredible.

    1. Cynthia, definitely it's true But up to the point because in my point of you each nation has right to preserve their heritage.

  6. Always good to see pictures of London.
    I'm always fascinated by the Egyptian relics. We have them here, in Bristol too!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  7. Thanks for the memories. I visited the British Museum many years ago. I could have spent days there.