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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Walking in London

14th June 2014

I like walking especially in big cities because I can observe people, streets, and take some interesting photos.

London lies on the River Thames. River Thames flows through southern England. It is the longest river entirely in England and thesecond longest in the United Kingdom, after the River Severn. While it is best known for flowing through London, the river also flows alongside other towns and cities, including Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames, and Windsor.
The Thames in the background British Parliament

London and me.
 The river gives its name to three informal areas: the Thames Valley, a region of England around the river between Oxford and west London; the Thames Gateway; and the greatly overlapping Thames Estuary around the tidal Thames to the east of London and including the waterway itself. Thames Valley Police is a formal body that takes its name from the river, covering three counties.

St. Catherine Docks

St. Paul's Cathedral

London and Kate

Big Ben

National Gallery Sunflowers by Van Gogh are here

Downing Street -again

Downing Street - Prime Minister lives here.

The way leads to Buckingham Palace - more tomorrow.


  1. Nice views of London. You really had great weather and all those blue skies make your photos very nice.

  2. Wonderful to your perspective of Lomdon. Lovely photo of you, & your daughter I presume...

  3. Wow! Such glorious weather. I also love walking in cities. I could walk for hours.

  4. Mitchell, next time I will take you. Do you agree?