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Sunday, 29 June 2014

My place on the earth

29 th 2014

Today it is the first weekend of summer/ vacation/holidays but the weather is not typical summery. In the morning it was great and sunny but in the afternoon it was cloudy and stormy. I can't complain because two months of vacation is ahead of us so it is a long time and of course the weather will be better.

Today in the morning I took some photos of my suburb where I live ( except holidays when I live in my summer house - about 3 month we spend there). My heart is divided between two nice places - which is the most important I don't know both are nice but completely different. 

My suburb is very big (25 thousand people live here) and 97% of people live in apartments and there are a few detached houses here. 

My suburb - Bytom city

Our "skyscrapers"

My daughter's school - High Junior School

Yard next to kindergarten



Playground again

I live on the third floor.

Typical apartments in my city.

 It is the most industrialized part of  Europe but it is green too.


  1. There is a lot of green. Even if they aren't formal gardens, just grass and trees make a place much pleasant to live.

  2. Fun to see where you live in the city. I like the white birch trees. We have those in Minnesota, too. Enjoy that wonderful feeling of two months off and all ahead of you!

  3. Great to see where you live. Lovely and green as well.