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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Invitation to the region - Upper Silesia

25th June 2014

It is summer - the best time for travelling so what about visiting Upper Silesia. Silesia population is 4.64 million or 12,2% of all residents of Poland. One of the remarkable features of the Silesia is its multi-cultural aspect, as the province and its national borders changed throughout the history. This land was occupied by people of Polish, German, Czech and Jewish origin, but most of the  people who live here today feel Silesian, as this is the only and unchanged identity they have ever had.

Upper Silesia in the early 20th century.

Bytom my hometown today celebrates 760 years old.

Just my region Upper Silesia .

The province of Silesia is a region full of surprises:well-known and liked places, visited by crowds of tourists from all over the Poland such as the spa towns of the Beskids Mountains or Pszczyna Castle, and the quiet spots of the Silesian nature reserves, as well, where you can enjoy fresh air and the singing birds.

 Capital city of Silesia Province - Katowice - the biggest city

Different aspects of Silesia