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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Jedlicze - my "hometown'

21 st June 2014

Today is the first day of summer and my family is in Jedlicze. It's a small town where I have had my summer house since 2008. It means we spend here about 3 months every year as teachers. I can call this place my second hometown because we love this place and it's completely different from our apartment in a big city. Upper Silesia ins the biggest conurbation of cities in Europe it's the richest region of my country ( coal mines are the most important)  but not clean one. In Upper Silesia live 6 million people
We feel free and independent here. We can walk, ride bikes or relax under tree or have BBQ.

Jedlicze  is a town in Krosno CountySubcarpathian VoivodeshipPoland, with a population of 5,645 (02.06.2009).  It is home to a petroleum refinery.

Refinery petroleum in Jedlicze - I can see it from my balcony

 There are not many historical landmarks here: the first is Roman Catholic Church - so impressive.

The Roman - Catholic Church in Jedlicze

The second interesting place is Stawiarki Palace - now here

it is located  High School .

So it's my lovely place to escape from noise and pollution of big city.


  1. Your city looks very interesting.
    The church is lovely.

  2. How fun to see your hometown. The church is magnificent.

  3. Definitely beautiful it dates back from 1925