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Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer and greenery.

23 rd June 2014

This weekend we spent at our summer our in Jedlicze. We did a lot of projects in the garden and around the house. It is not easy to well maintained a detached house when you live about 250 km away ( it takes us 2 and half hour to get there). But we are happy that we can maintain an apartment and the house. We usually have a great time in our house because in another way we must live in the big city all time.

I would like to put more photo from Jedlicze. In Jedlicze I love greenery  because I don't have close contact with nature in Upper Silesia.
My favourite place is a big pond where you can relax, walk or simply go fishing if you like.

This photo was taken in May 2014

Tomorrow my  post will be connected with Silesia.


  1. The lake looks nice, and very peaceful.

  2. That looks lovely and peaceful.

  3. Pretty park and lake. I can see people like to fish there. I like the photo of the reflection of the sunset.