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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Cieszyn is older than my hometown -part I

15 th April Teusday 2014

Legend has it that Cieszyn was founded in 810 by the three sons of the Polish King Leszek III, who met here following a long parting and enjoyed so much that they established a town in the very place ( Cieszym means in English "enjoy").

In all truth, however, the settlement of Cieszyn was founded in the 10th century ( town rights 1220). Since 13th century Cieszyn had been the capital of independent Cieszyn Dutchy and the Cieszyn of Silesia. Cieszyn is located about 70 km from Bytom. It is a best to start walk through the wondeful old town of Cieszyn from the market where there is a well with St. Florian's statue.

Cieszyn's emblem

A well with St. Florian statue.

Here is located Museum of Cieszyn Silesia which has rich resources , divided into archeological,ethnographic , history and art. There is also a permanent exhibition "On the borderline of history and cultures"

Museum of Cieszyn Silesia located in a Palace which belonged to Larisch family.

 Market square in Cieszyn
The ancient books.


  1. The museum looks like it was built to keep out the cold.

    1. Yes it's very cold especially in summer.

  2. Those ancient books would hold a lot of history.

  3. The museum looks like an interesting place to visit.