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Wednesday 2 April 2014

The Beskidy Mountains part 1

2 nd April Wednesday 2014

Upper Silesia is overpopulated crowded, polluted and what's more traffic jams are normal situation here. It is not unusual situation about 3 million people live here it's the biggest metropolis in Europe. In that situation Silesian don't like spending their free time at place especially in spring , summer . Where do they usually go  away at the weekends?  There are different destinations but we prefer mountains.
The answer is simple - The Beskidy Mountains which are located about 70 km from Katowice. One of the most beautiful cities in Beskidy is Bielsko Biała. This city has had a the market square which remains unchanged since 13 th century,
Bielsko- Biala - downtown
Across the market in the old town there is the Castle of Sulkowski family. The castle was erected in 14 th century. Today a castle is a museum where you can see historical memorabilia, military collectibles, and Polish and European paintings.

Castle Sulkowski Family

 One of the interesting place to visit is a Weaver's  House where you can see the reality life of weaver's. In the left part of workshop thee is a huge loom, on which weaving demonstrations are held for visitors,.

Weaver's house

 The special attraction which is Bielsko proud of is Szyndzielnia Aerial Cable Car.

I have been there many times  and we have had a great time. Every season is wonderful in the mountains.


  1. The cable car looks good. It is often a good way to see things from above without being in a plane.

  2. I love to spend time in the mountains. These look like very beautiful ones, and what fun to ride a cable car. I noticed the cute little blue rocking horse by the loom, just waiting for a little boy to climb on.

  3. Love the pictures of the snow.
    Must be awful to get caught in a traffic jam.
    The Castle looks great lit up in the night.

  4. It is interesting to see your country. The old town and the pretty snowy mountain scenes are lovely.