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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cieszyn part II

16 th April Wednesday 2014

Finally, today we start at school  Easter holidays since 17 Th to 22 Nd 2014 we have time off -  so as usual we spend our free time at my house. The journey was nice, no traffic jams and it took us to got here about 3 hours.

St. Magdalene Church

My house is located in South-East Poland ( 256 km from my apartment). So today about Cieszyn the second part. Tomorrow my post will be connect with southern-east Poland's which is completely different from Silesia but very interesting. Believe me.

The next point of interest of Cieszyn is the post-Dominikan church  of St. Mary Magdalene, originally built in the second half of thr 13th century in the Roman style and then rebuilt in Gothic. It used to be a necropilis of the Cieszymn Piast monarchs.

The next so interesting place is The Church of Jesus  - it is the largest Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in the Eastern Europe. Maintained in the style of Austrian Baroque  with five aisles on a cruciform.

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Well of Three Brothers commemorates the legend of Cieszyn.

And the Old Archducalk Castle Brewery. The brewing tradition is today continued by "The Brothers' Castle Brewery which produce the "Brackie Beer".

An absolutely unique place which once renovated, will become one of the best known treasure of Cieszyn is called "Cieszyn's Venice"which is the area by the Mlynowka canal. This artificial canal has been existing here from Middle Ages, its waters were once used for propelling the water wheels of the local mills

and the workshops owned by local weavers, tanners, cloth makers and smiths.


  1. It would be nice to live at the canal, as long as it does not flood.

  2. Andrew,your sense of humour is great. If you want toi live there ytou are welcome. But climate in my country is colder than in Australia so keep some warm clothes..Take care

  3. The Churches are lovely, they are always interesting to view.
    The canal looks interesting...Happy Easter, and I'm glad you didn't get caught in the traffic to your home.