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Friday 4 April 2014

Spain 2013 - nice memories

4 th April Friday 2014

Our school takes part in international project Comenius.This project lasts two school years and we have partners from Europe. This project include -Spain, Italy, Great Britian, Romania, Turkey, Germany and Poland. I am a coordinator so last year my students and me were in Spain. Our partner school is located in Iznalloz ( a small city next to Granada).  My students stayed with Spanish families and we teachers from seven countries in Granada ( Hotel Posada del Toro - it's a great hotel and staff is very friendly). English was official language of the project but we also use German. We spent a great time there. We have visited Granada,Malaga and Almeria the biggest desert in Europe. The main aim of this project is an European integration and each school gives a grant from European Union to do it.
Iznalloz -school -playground

 A nice town - Iznalloz

Lunch in Granada -students from different countries have had a great time together

The Tangerine tree my favourite


Almeria - the biggest desert in Europe.

Goodbye Spain - I hope so I will come back one day.

The next meeting in our project will be in May in Germany, later Poland and England.

We all had a great time but "East or West home the best"


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for the students to meet others from around the world.

    1. Yes i';s a great opportunity for them.

  2. Students learn so much from traveling abroad, especially with an opportunity to stay with local families. Your students are fortunate. Where does the money come from? Their families?

    1. Money come from European Union . It is a grant you must apply for it. It is not easy to get it but I have applied we got it. Students need only slome pocket money and small gifts are suggested for hosting families so it is a treat for them.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity. I have still never been to Granada or Almeria. I'm especially anxious to visit Granada. So many Spaniards have told me it's their favorite city in all of Spain.