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Thursday 24 April 2014

Wawel Cathedral

24 th April 2014

Wawel Cathedral is the largest necropolis of royalties and national heroes in this part of Europe.

The first Cathedral was built on Wawel Hill in 1000. Later in 1038 the Cathedral was destroyed by Czech invasion. And in 1320, a large Gothic cathedral began to be built on the remnants of both Romanesque structures. New interior details were added during the centuries that followed - altars, sacrophags,epitaphs, reliefs monuments and portals.

But what makes this place unique and special is the existence of a royal necropolis ranked among the largest in the world. The firs ruler to have been buried here Wladyslaw the Elbow-High died in 1333. Almost all Polish monarchs were in Wawel. The Cathedral and its vaults contain the tombs of kings, queens, their children, national heroes, great poets and church dignitaries.

The Sigmund Bell located in the Cathedral which measures the pace of the most significant moments in the nation's and city's history.

The Sigmund Bell - deatils.
Diameter2.42 m (8 ft)
 - yoke length3.08 m (10 ft)
Total height (incl. yoke)4.60 m (15 ft)
 - body and crown2.41 m (8 ft)
 - clapper length2.20 m (7 ft)
Volume1.2 m3 (42 cu ft)
Weight12,600 kg (27,778 lb)
 - body9,650 kg (21,275 lb)
 - clapper (with belt)365 kg (805 lb)
 - yoke2,160 kg (4,762 lb)
 - other parts425 kg (937 lb)
CasterHans Behem
MaterialsBronze (80% copper, 20% tin),iron (clapper),leather (clapper belt),oak (yoke)
 - installed13 July 1521
 - new clapper14 April 2001
Commissioned byKing Sigismund I of Poland
Musical noteF♯
Earshot30 km (19 mi)
Number of ringers12

The Wawel Cathedral


  1. The exterior is not highly decorated but the interior is very lavish.

    1. Andrew, you are right but interior is more important.

  2. The cathedral is amazing inside. I had to smile at the name Wladyslaw the Elbow-High. Can't imagine what that name comes from (the elbow high part).

    1. Cynthia, it's definitely a funny name. This Polish king was short as an elbow.

  3. It's beautiful inside. I didn't know any of the history but thanks to you I know a little now.

    1. Cracow is an amazing city and the nice one.

  4. This is an incredible cathedral. It's so beautiful!