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Monday 21 April 2014

The Main Market Square in Cracow

21st April 2014

Once the Main Market Square was densely built-up. There was a town hall, a granary, the pillory and the municipal scales, the guardhouse and several wells.The Main Market was a venue for significant state ceremonies.
Cracovians call this site"the town's salon". For many it is hard to imagine a day without at least as short visit to the Main Market Square".

The largest medieval square in Europe ( 210x212 metres ).

The Main Square, which was laid out in 1257 according to the Magdeburg Law, has preserved its dimensions to this day, covering area of 4 hectares, 3 acres, and 34 square metres. But its plan, now, almost eight-hundred-years' old, still reminds us of the compromise that the original bold planners had to face when confronted with the existing realities.

Flowers have been sold on Cracow's Main Market Square for almost five hundred years.


  1. That is a very large square and it does look lovely. Amazing how flowers have been sold there for all those years.

    1. Yes flowers are beautiful and it is a nice tradition

  2. It would be fun to hire one of those beautiful carriages to be taken around for sightseeing.

    1. Cynthia, of course you can hire a carriage and take a ride around the Market Square. It is very popular with tourists. It is a great fun, believe me.