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Sunday 6 April 2014

London 2013 part I

6 th April Sunday 2014
Double - decker bus we love it - the first day we usually use it because our drivers have to sleep after a long journey.

Westminster Abbey

London .

Every year I organise  workshops  for my students in London. This year we are also going to London in June ( we will be 6 days) . We are going to go by coach and it takes us 23 hours because it's 1200 km from Silesia. Flying is more comfortable definitely but we need a coach in London but hiring a coach  in London for 50 students for six days is much more expensive than driving with Polish Travel Agency. And what is more we are more flexible having own coach. Travelling with students is a real challenge because we also travel by ferry but luckily students who go with us are so polite so we don't have any problems with them.
My students stay with British families and teachers too so we take care of them during days at night British families which is very comfortable for us teachers.

We always visit London and other places like Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor and this year Brighton.
Welcome in GB

The British Parliament

Big Ben my favourite

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben - one again.

We always have a great time there but unluckily last year the weather was awful it was raining cats and dogs we hope this June will be much better.

Tomorrow the next part . 


  1. Well that is to be a great adventure when the time comes.

  2. Last March when I was there with students, it snowed. We had a great time anyway, as you did. How many students and teachers will be going?

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    2. I have 50 students and my daughter. It will be 3 English teachers and me as a coordinator. But I can't take care of students it's a Polish rule in the education system. It will be a guide from travel agency and three drivers. It is a long distance we must be prepared.