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Sunday 27 July 2014

Big farm nearby Torun

27th July 2014

We are on the big farm near Torun. My Cousin Theresa lives here. So we the weather is perfect sunny and so hot 35C. We walk, ride bikes and fishing because she has got her own lake on her farm.
It is fantastic because we live in a big city so staying here is fantastic experience for us. We observe animals;cows, horses, pigs, hens, ducks and so on.

Szembruk - village where my cousin lives.

St. Bartolomeus Roman Catholic Church which comes from 1306. It is made of wood. It was renovated last yeat. It is great example of wooden architecture.

Tomorrow we are going to Torun my favourite city.

Have a nice Sunday

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  1. beautiful place for you to spend some time away from the city!

  2. Be careful where you are stepping when you are visiting the farm.

    1. Andrewm, you are right city peopple don't know so much about living in the village.

  3. What a lovely church.
    Enjoy your farmstay.....

  4. It is a charming farm and I thank you for sharing the photos. Have fun!

  5. How lovely to stay on a farm with a lake! Enjoy your time there, I know I would.

  6. A big contrast to your daily life--life in a village and in a farm. Pretty horses!

  7. Nice country scenery. 35C is hot but I could do with some heat right now.