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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Silesian Interurbans

2nd 2014

Silesian Interurbans, one of the largest tram (streetcar) systems in the world, has been in existence since 1894. The system is spread over more than 50 kilometres (east-west axis) and covers thirteen towns in the Upper Silesia  and their suburbs (Katowice, the capital town of th eregion, BędzinBytomChorzówCzeladźDąbrowa GórniczaGliwiceMysłowiceRuda ŚląskaSiemianowice ŚląskieSosnowiecŚwiętochłowice, and Zabrze), which is densely industrialised (coalcokesteel and other industries; though decreasing since the 1990s) and inhabited by more than 2 million people.

I can say that public transport is well - organised here because I use it every day. It seems is more comfortable, cheaper and faster especially in rush hour.

The best tram and the most comfortable

The modern tram and the oldest ones. 

Our trams are multicoloured but mainly they are red and they advertised some products and shopping malls - so intelligent because the client is the VIP in the 21st century.

Today I was in Katowice the capital of Province and I took some nice photos.

Park in the centre of the city

In the background The Qubus Hotel 

The fountain in the downtown

And benches waiting for visitors


  1. None of the trams look very old and I like the look of your smaller trams. Our oldest trams are from the 1940s.

    1. Andrew, you are better at transportation than me so you have right.

  2. Quite a variety of colors and styles of the trams. I like the photo of the fountain spurting water.

    1. Cyntia it is very nice fountain located in the heart of the city

  3. Those trams look good to travel in.
    Here we used to have trams years ago, all gone now....most of us prefer to drive out car to the destination, we are spoilt because we can do just that.

    1. Now Polish families have two cars or more but the main problem here is traffic jams during working week and at the weekend too.
      But what about air pollution and environment. Cars are comfortable but our streets are very crowded. Your country is very huge so using cars is more convenient.