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Monday, 7 July 2014

Nature around Jedlicze

7th July 2014

Today was a fantastic, sunny day ( over 33 C) so it means very hot. Luckily at my home was nice and not so hot 25 C so nice temperature. Today I was cycling in the evening about 7 p.m.

My bicycle  trip was around the town close to nature. 

In the foreground oilseed rape.

The birch tree very popular here.

The oat.

Typical village.

And the grain which is waiting for harvest.


 In this part of Poland we don't have very big farms. Small ones are the most popular. Big farms are located in north and north west .

Rowan - my favourite tree especially in the end of August when its fruit is red so it means the fall/autumn has begun.

Jasiołka river the local river in the evening 8 p.m.

The water is not so clean so swimming here is forbidden.

Goodnight from Jedlicze


  1. a lovely rural area! i like seeing crop fields.

    1. There are a lot of crops fields here but the are very small comparing to US farms.

  2. I had to look up Rowan tree. I don't think we have them here. Maybe it is too hot.

    We used to call it rapeseed oil, but people know it better as canola oil.

  3. Andrew, in British English oilseed rape and rapeseed oil both are possible. I haven't heard
    canola oil but I have checked in dictionary canola oil is Australian English.

  4. Wonderful to see what you see through the lens of your camera.
    I suppose the small farm yield good crops!

  5. So pretty and looks like a nice place to ride your bike. I love the birch trees. We have them in Minnesota and I have always loved them.