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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Torun - in the hot day more photos

30 th July 2014

Toruń has the largest number of preserved Gothic houses in Poland, many with Gothic wall paintings or wood-beam ceilings from the 16th to the 18th centuries

House Under the Star
Toruń, unlike many other historic cities in Poland, escaped substantial destruction in World War II. Particularly left intact was the Old Town, all of whose important architectural monuments are originals, not reconstructions.
Major renovation projects have been undertaken in recent years to improve the condition and external presentation of the Old Town. Besides the renovation of various buildings, projects such as the reconstruction of the pavement of the streets and squares (reversing them to their historical appearance), and the introduction of new plants, trees and objects of 'small architecture', are underway.

The building where I studied.

University Of Nicolaus Copernicus
The Vistula River
Torun lies on Vistula River which is the longest and the biggest river in Poland.
The bridge on Vistula River
The Curve Tower

The Curve Tower -front

A lovely  house next to river

 The square next to Vistula River.
Just me

A nice  green house
Torun is very popular with tourists from home and from other countries. In my point of view it is worth visiting it.

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  1. The town looks very nice.

    (reversing them to their historical appearance) Would that be removal of Soviet era alterations?

    1. Andrew, luckily this city survived in a good shape and what is more interesting there Soviet Army had been here since 1945 to 1989 can you believe 100 000 ( soldiers with their family and one of the suburb was completely closed for Polish). They left Poland in 1990. When I was studuying here it was completely independent city. Torun always was charming and fantastic city.

  2. nice that so many of the older buildings are intact and are being restored. i like the brick-work. :)

    1. Here a lot of buildings is made from red brick. It is typical here.

  3. So nice to see a photo of you enjoying the pretty walkway by the river. The buildings are lovely. Good to see where you studied, too.

  4. It's good to know that so much of the Old Town has been preserved. I very much enjoyed seeing these photos of our hometown.

  5. It's great that so much has been preserved. It does look like a nice place to visit.

  6. wonderful place, one can feel the heat of the day !!! in your photos. Bravo ... : )

  7. wonderful place, one can feel the heat of the day !!! in your photos. Bravo ... : )