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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Original houses

15th July 2014

There are a lot of  detached houses in Jedlicze. Most of them were built in 1970s,1980s and 1990s but only a few were built in 21 st century like ours.

However there are some original houses here which I have seen during morning walks with my dog. 

The house was built in1923.  It is very completely covered with vine. It is in a good condition. 
As I know a nice couple live here.

Living in that house is amazing 

This house was built from stone in 1925. Before WWII lived here the well -known doctor. Now his realtives live.

My dog in the foreground.

The oldest wooden house here. It is completely devasted. It comes from 19th century.

It is abondoned but lovely.

Thanks for visiting my blog dear friends from all over the world. SEE YOU TOMORROW!!


  1. Always fun to see the sights from your walk with the dog.

  2. I do like Ivy growing on building but also know that is can do damage.
    The buildings look intriguing.

  3. What charming, storybook-like, places! Too bad about the old wooden house. Probably beyond hope.

    1. Mitchell, I do my best and I would like my blog to become better and better place for my friends.