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Saturday 19 July 2014

The oil fields .

19th July 2014

In Subcarpathian Region there were a lot of oil fields in the past. Now only a few of them  are working. The oil industry is not my cup of tea but the machines which work in the oil fields are amazing for me. The crude oil is one of the most resource here and most people of my town work in petroleum factory which is located nearby my house.
About three  km from my hometown there is an oil field which still  works. So today I have taken some photos of oil pumps which are located on the hills around my hometown. 

 The oil field. It existed about 200 years and still works. 

Fascinating piece of machinery

How does it work? I don't know. But next time I asked  the men who monitor pumps all round day.

The oil pump is located on the hill between crops.

The small office of the oil field.

In the background there is my hometown. The high chimney is located about 500 metres from my house.


Typical landscape in Subcarpathian Region


  1. The pumps seem to look the same all over the world. These ones look well maintained.

  2. definitely something we see in parts of texas and oklahoma, too. :)

  3. That is very interesting, even better it still works and there is oil.

  4. This is not anything I have seen in person before. Very interesting and fun to see the landscape around your home.