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Monday 14 July 2014

Museum in the park.

14th July2014

Zarnowiec is a nice, little village next to Jedlicze. There is museum of well- known poet and writer Maria Konopnicka here.

And my favourite daisies.

The museum

The main road which leads to museum. Nice row of lindens

The poet's house. It is built from wood.

Now it is renovation of the house.

The front door to the house.

The museum was established in 1957.  

She  lived in the early 20th century with her friend.  Now it is museum where there are a lot it staff connected with poet. But the most interesting is park because there are a lot of different species of plants here. What is very important trees are very old and give a lot of shadow in summery days.


  1. beautiful gardens and natural woods. lovely place!

  2. Although the museum building is beautiful, I really like the park. The flowers and trees are very inviting. What a wonderful place to spend a summer day.

  3. I like the interesting light. Hollyhocks!!! You know how much I like hollyhocks! :-)

    1. Cythia, I know you love them. So you should visit this place.

    2. Wow, I remember when I was a small girl my grandma planted them . But I didn't see them for many years. Thanks to you I remember again my grandma's fence and flowers. Amazing

  4. Replies
    1. Mitchell, No problem I will rent you my summer house because it will be cheaper!!!

  5. The scenery there is really lovely.

  6. Hello! It is a lovely setting. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
    Have a nice day.