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Monday, 8 February 2016

City hall in Bytom

9th February 2016

 The building is really impressive and looks huge. The city hall was built in 1920s by German architects . At that time city belonged to Gaermany . After 1945 it returned to Poland. 


  1. Impressive building with no doubt some interesting history during the occupation periods - both the Third Reich and then the Soviets???

    Still cool here for February - up around 35 Celsius during the day but the nights are thankfully lovely and cool for sleeping.

    1. Colin you are right. At my place the weather is strange too . Today it was 10 C degrees in February. It seems to be the hottest February in the 21st century. I love my mild winter. This Sunday we strat winter break and we are going to South East

  2. Very grand building. The gardens must be beautiful in spring and summer.

  3. It is hard to say how, but the building does look quite German.

  4. That German building is rather impressive.

  5. Anyone wishing to improve their historical knowledge, I suggest you get the excellent novel - based on fictional families with actual persons intertwined from 880 AD up to the new found independence of Poland.
    The book is over 800 pages long, the Polish names and places are tongue twisters - the name: "POLAND" by that gifted author - James A Michener.
    It covers the period from the Tartars - Genghis Khan, right up to Pope John Paul 11, the Gdansk business and Leck Walesa.
    Excellent and stimulating reading for those who want to know Poland's glorious, inglorious, dangerous and difficult past. Micheners team of researchers for this epic novel are the best of the best.

  6. That is an impressive building. If it could talk it would have quite a story to tell.