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Friday, 5 February 2016

Winter holidays since 12th Febraury - fantastic news!!

6th February 2016

So only one week and we start  winter holidays. I am happy because it is 2  week break from work. This winter is mild and nice. There is only a little bit snow and temperature is friendly and comfortable in our climate zone.

I love our Silesian red trams..

 We are going to ski in Polish mountains but it depends on the snow. But the we are going to spend a week in our summer place I believe it is going to a great time with our friends..


  1. Have fun during your school break.
    Still this strange February here - cool ????
    Re: Fences - fences are a result of city walls from way, way back - Sparta, Troy, Babylon etc etc - they were built for protecting the citizens from the "badies" who might break in and cause mayhem.
    Thus fences today!
    Not that our today fences stop anyone these days, but they do keep the livestock inside them.
    Cheers and happy cross country skiing - I hope you are fit?

    1. Colin i
      think we stay at our vacation house because there is any snow.But I have a bike - so nice

  2. Hello!:) Have fun on your holiday!:)

  3. I suppose your summer place is now your "winter place" ... until summer. So you have THREE homes.

  4. Mitchell you are very clever of course you are right. But I have two houses not three. What a pity

  5. Good luck with your snow. My daughter and family have had a wonderful ski season.