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Tuesday 19 April 2016

1st May is coming - a big party

20th April 2016
My father was born in 1944 on 1st May as I know from my grandmother it was a cold and snowy day. At that time was WWII- terrible time. My grandma was a French citizen and my grandfather American born. Every year I have the same problem what to buy him..
Last year we celebrated his 71 birthday in the countryside - this year we are planning the big party in my summer house..

1st May is a public holiday in Europe- Labour Day

All photos were taken on 1st May last year..
What is your suggestion about the gift?


  1. Beautiful time of year to celebrate your father's birthday. What about a family portrait, or a book by his favorite author.

  2. He is lucky to have a holiday on his birthday. A book to read.

  3. Always a holiday on his birthday.
    Take him out to dinner - the photos are lovely.

  4. A food basket with special treats. Tickets for an outing with your family. Restaurant gift card.

  5. Thanks for your all suggestions . I think going to the restaurant and a good book is a great idea,