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Saturday 30 April 2016

1st May - two in one

1st May 2016
All people in Poland have the day off work or school on Labor Day or May . It is a time to celebrate both the spring time and workers’ rights.
Many parts of Europe celebrated Labor Day from 1890 onwards. The holiday was declared in Poland in 1899, to commemorate a workers’ strike in Chicago, USA. There is some political controversy regarding the Labor Day celebrations, as it was one of the most important holidays that were celebrated during Poland’s Communist era. Today, people celebrate May 1 by having a day off school or work, and by enjoying the warmer spring weather.
Secondly :
My father is 72 today so big party is coming.

All plants are from my garden.
Happy Birthday my father. Many Happy returns.


  1. Happy Birthday to your father.
    Enjoy May Day.

  2. Ah, a party. There will be vodka. Your garden is looking good.

    1. Andrew codka is a must . It is party,,. We live only once. So celebrate and enjoy

  3. It's a big holiday for you with all these things to celebrate. Happy birthday to your father! The flowers blooming are so pretty.

  4. Happy May Day and happy birthday to your father.