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Monday, 4 April 2016

Golf - just great idea

4th April 2016

Wow today was 25C degrees - can you believe it is almost summer.
So some people start to playing golf in my city. A few years ago it was not as popular sport as now.
Golf course is located about 1 km from my apartment..

Trees are fantastic now,..


  1. Ah - Spring has SPRUNG in Poland. The new blooms on the trees look very attractive and no doubt plenty of lovely smells.
    I shall be glued to the late sports TV coverage as of Thursday here for the US Masters at Augusta, Ga.
    I love my golf - never any good at it, but I tried - ha ha.
    Now with my wretched busted back, I am just a watcher of sports.
    There is at Katowice a big Women's tennis tournament now on for this week - On the WTA calendar. Plenty of top Polish players are in the draw.
    PS; Didn't you get the Iguaza Falls photos???

  2. Hi Gosia, do you play golf? Over here, some very young people are picking up golf. I love the blooming trees. Poland will be beautiful with all the flowers blooming.

    1. How true, Nancy.
      Magnificent golf clubs/major hotel resorts links in Malaysia and so many YOUNG up and coming golfers now on the major world championships tour, especially young girls.

  3. Oh my! It's so beautiful!

  4. Well fancy that! 25 deg already. You might have a hot summer. The trees do look wonderful.

  5. So pretty. My husband loved to play golf when he was younger.

  6. Glad you're experiencing spring. I find golf to be the most boring sport (well, ONE of the most boring sports). But it makes for a nice walk.