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Friday, 15 April 2016

Silesia City Center extension, Katowice, I love doing shopping here

The Silesia City Center (SCC) is a retail based mixed use development located in Katowice in Silesia Region of Southern Poland. The region, and the site itself are associated with coal mining industry. The project was developed on the former coalmine site and was recognized already as one of the best examples of industrial revitalization. Bose International designed the first original building and ten year later was asked to create the major retail extension .The completed development became the dominant mixed use retail development in the region. The technical complexity of designing on post mining site called for the top multidisciplinary consultants with Bose International as a Design Architect , Arup as an the Main Engineer and Stabil Architects as Building Permit Architect.

The theme of first phase developed almost a decade ago was inspired by the mining history of the region . The current extension was created as an intentional esthetical counterbalance to the themed stage setting ambiance of the earlier development. The extension esthetics is touching the mining theme but with a discrete metaphorical approach. The ambitious commercial leasing expectations were answered with an architectural concept still keeping the two phases of the building uniform in terms of the retail and entertainment function . The site constrains became the reason for semicircular shape of the extension and allowed for attractive building front to the closely located multifamily residential development. The motive of mining basket could be found in the façade layered with ceramic and metal shapes wrapping the oval form of the building. Transparent glass box entrances are revealing the inside of the center and are mediating between the the X- patterned and vertical I-patterned façade screens.

The functional program of the extension consists of two retail levels: the new ground floor and new residual first floor connected to the existing entertainment level. Extension internal traffic flow is fully connected to, and integrated with the existing center. Car parking spaces were designed below the building and on the roof.