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Wednesday 20 April 2016

Turkish cementary and mosque

21 st April 2016
Last year at trhis time I was in Turkey. I love visiting different countries and get some knowledge about the culture which is completely different from European one.
Most headstones in cementaries are white not common in Europe.

Interior of the mosque. I was in the mosques many times. Definitely interesting church  but as a woman you should
cover your head.. It shows your respect to their culture. But is not obligatory.

You must take off your shoes entering the church - it is obligatory.

The floor was covered with blue carpet which was very clea and soft.

The photos were taken in the city Aksaray..


  1. I believe all teachers should travel so they understand the world better and can teach more effectively.

    1. Kay you are right it is very important to know much more about other cultures

  2. Interesting to see once again.

    1. Margaret I would like to come back once again

  3. Thanks for the tour. I've never been inside a mosque.