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Monday, 25 April 2016

The world from the 10th floor

26th April 2016

The world can be different from the top of the block of flats. Yesterday I visited my friend who lives on the 10th floor and I took some photos. I live on the 2nd floor so my view is different.

Living on the 10th floor is too high for me..

My new friend who loves sleeping on my bag. She is nice and friendly but too fat. She weighs 7 kilos . She has never been outside the flat. She eats only cat's food. Her name Nala and she was adopted from the shelter.


  1. Your cat is really petty, Gosia. And I would not want to live so high up as the 10th floor.

  2. The cat is gorgeous.
    That is some view from up on the 10th floor.

  3. I once lived on the 11th floor. One night the fire alarms went off and I stood on my balcony watching the fire trucks arrive. It turned out to be someone having gone to bed (drunk) leaving a chicken roasting in the oven. But it was sobering to learn that the fire truck ladders extended only to the 8th floor!