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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Horses in Cracow

23rd April 2015

I have been to Cracow many times. It is the old capital of Poland and one of the most popular tourist destination in Poland. Cracow is a great city .It is unusual but in Cracow you can ride in a carriage and feel like a Princess or Prince.

All photos were taken in Cracow last year .

Horses in the city centre


  1. The horses are so majestic and I love seeing the city streets.

  2. I would want horses with the feathers on their heads! ;-)

  3. I'd love to see them and talk to the horses.
    I wonder if they feel proud to wear the fancy harnesses.

  4. Those draught horses are very majestic.

    (Draught horse (Australian), Draft horse (USA) and Dray horse (European) - all the same, just different names.
    So in Poland these horses that pull carts, carriages or ploughs are called DRAY horses.)
    I think it is a wonderful custom to have retained the
    horse drawn carriages for the tourists (mostly I suppose)
    to ride slowly around the city sights.
    The Polish Equestrian team is one of the finest in the
    World. I believe from your military fine cavalry tradition.
    Do you ride Gosia??

    1. Colin in Poland horses in the fields are not common only tractors but maybe in the north- South of Poland I think they are much more popular. Of course it is connected with military traditions

  5. I would like to do that in Cracow

  6. By horse and carriage is a fun way to see a city. Those horses are beautiful in their fancy decorative tack.

  7. cynthia you are definitely right