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Monday, 12 May 2014

Historic Silver Mine

12th May 2014

Tarnowskie Gory is a town located here in Upper Silesia. It's my much smaller than my city but Silver Mine is very interesting there. So I believe in June I will take my daughter to visit it again It's definitely worth visiting it.
Historic Silver Mine

This is a unique example of ore mining in Europe. Already in the period between the wars, plans were made to reach the labyrinth of workings, corridors, chambers and passageways left by the former mining in Tarnowska Gora. This was finally achieved finally in 1976 by members of the Association of Friends of the Lands of Tarnowskie Gory. The reconstructed excavations of the mine date back to the 17th and 19th centuries and are a testimony to the rich history of Tarnowskie Gory lands. From the depths of the “Aniol” Mine Shaft one enters a labyrinth of passageways. The “Staszica” Passage leads to the first “Srebrny” Chamber which has an area of 500 square metres. It has been preserved in its original condition with a replicated miners’ work site. In the depths of the chamber is a small lake with the remains of galena ore which was mined here. There is also a water-filled passage which can be crossed in boats to reach the third mine shaft called “Zmija”. The length of this water route is 270m. In the area surrounding the mine is a Steam Engine Heritage Park. Among the 31 exhibits the most numerous are the locomotives but there are also mine shaft hoisting machines, pumps and other steam- driven machinery. In 1999 the Heritage Park received its largest exponent, a Koepe-type steam-driven hoisting 

In front of the Historic Silver Mine

machine from 1907. Its wheel has a diameter of 7m. 


  1. I like the ghostly figures in the second photo.

  2. This looks fascinating... and beautiful. I can't believe the age and size of the mines.