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Sunday, 18 May 2014

The 15th International Balloons Competitions

20th May 2014

At the beginning of the May I was at my home in the south-east of Poland.The weather was sunny and hot. So we had a great time. On the 2nd May were the International Balloons
Competitions in Krosno. We were watching competitors and balloons from different European countries like Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and others.Of course most balloons were from Poland.

The first was Polish team.

This competition took place every year. It's a great fun.


  1. Many balloons. Great photos.

  2. Looks fun. Very colourful up in the sky.

  3. I always find these so amazing, but I don't think I'd go up in one. Have you ever taken a ride?

  4. So colorful in that blue sky! It would be fun to see so many.

  5. The balloons are so beautiful, but scary too. We just had one in the US that hit a power line and exploded, killing the people who were riding in it. It was tragic.